Development of a Multi-Purpose Breakwater Reef at Maqai Eco Surf Resort, Qamea Island, Fiji. Coasts & Ports

Author: Mead, Shaw; Phillips, David; Prime, Arama

Date: 2013

Publisher: Engineers Australia

Type: Conference paper

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A breakwater/reef and channel/lagoon development has been designed to alleviate the current ecological damage of the coral reef flat and lagoon, and the health and safety hazards involved with access to the Maqai Eco Surf Resort. At present, foot and boat traffic impact on large areas of the reef during access at both low and high tides, while wave penetration at high tide causes vigorous boat movement and makes it difficult and dangerous to board and leave boats (there is no road access to the resort). In addition, at low tide access is restricted with a landing bay located almost a kilometre from the resort, which is cause for concern should an emergency occur. Thus, the breakwater/reef development is aimed at focussing foot and boat traffic to protect the surrounding reef, providing a safe all-tide boat access, with the addition of providing a learner’s surfing break at higher tidal levels. To date, Stage 1 of this three stage project has been completed. This paper describes the design/impact aspects of the project and results of Stage 1 of the development.

Subjects: Maqai Eco Surf Resort, Qamea Island, Fiji, coral reef protection, multi-purpose reefs, safe boat access, surfing, 090701 Environmental Engineering Design, 050202 Conservation and Biodiversity

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