Fighting Back: Education Initiatives in the Teaching of Architecture.

Author: Murphy, Chris; Smith, Brendan

Date: 2013

Publisher: Unitec Institute of Technology

Type: Conference item

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This research presentation will examine the effectiveness of two educational initiatives carried out in Semester 1 2013 within the Unitec Department of Architecture. 1. Embedding the librarian in the Design Communication teaching course: The Department of Architecture, like most other tertiary courses, faces challenges in the transitioning of students from the secondary to the tertiary learning environment. Many students skilled in the design focused courses do not always exhibit strengths in written communication to the standard required for degree level. This lack of confidence becomes particularly apparent when students are required to deal with . research issues that require active engagement with the library In 2013, with the support of the Faculty Librarian, it was decided to embed a resident librarian within the team unit teaching Design Communication. The course taught written and oral communication skills to all first year students. The librarian was present each week and was an active support person within the course. The feedback from the course was very positive. What was particularly satisfying, however, was the noted uptake by library staff of first year students in their use of the library space and facilities, compared to first year student use in previous years. 2. Digital Devices as a communication and feedback tool: A significant increase in student numbers in 2012 led to communication issues within the course Design Studio 1. In 2013 it was decided to re-configure the streams, place more emphasis on group led teaching, and to deliver regular feedback to students via social media using digital devices. The initiative was a shared one with Unitec's Te Puna Ako, who supplied and supported staff in their use of the electronic devices. This research presentation will discuss the effectiveness of these two initiatives

Subjects: Unitec Institute of Technology. Department of Architecture, architecture education, digital devices, blogs, embedded librarians, social media, 130304 Educational Administration, Management and Leadership, 130306 Educational Technology and Computing, 120199 Architecture not elsewhere classified

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