Neuroprotective Bicyclic Compounds and Methods for their Use

Author: Brimble, Margaret; Guan, Jian; Sieg, Frank

Date: 2005-03-17

Type: Patent

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Embodiments of this invention provide novel cyclic compounds structurally related to diketopiperazines and methods for their therapeutic use. Such compounds are neuroprotective and have utility as therapeutic agents for treatment of diseases, injuries and other conditions characterised by neuronal degeneration and/or death. Compounds are also useful for manufacture of medicaments useful for treatment of such conditions.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO/2005/023815 (WIPO). Application number: PCT/US2004/028308. Filed date: 31 Aug 2004. Publication/Application date: 31 Aug 2004. Publication/Awarded date: 17 Mar 2005"]