Whaia te iti kahurangi: Relationships of Promise

Author: Ritchie, Jenny

Date: 2013

Type: Conference item

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This talk will draw upon my recent writing, and on work from our Teaching and Learning Research Initiative project Titiro Whakamuri, Hoki Whakamua: We are the future, the present and the past: caring for self, others and the environment in early years’ teaching and learning. Pedagogies of care and affect, which resonate te ao Māori conceptualisations of inter-connectedness will be proposed as a source of optimism in response to the challenges that we face. One conceptual tool in response to these matters of concern is an ethic of care (Noddings 1995), applied in our recent study as the notion of ‘caring for ourselves, others and the environment’. A second conceptual tool is re-visibilisation and revalidation of Indigenous onto-epistemologies, which position humans as part of and reliant upon, rather than superior to and detached from our local and global world(s).

Subjects: New Zealand, early childhood education, Te Whāriki, indigenous concepts, 130102 Early Childhood Education (excl. Māori), 130107 Te Whāriki (Māori Early Childhood Education), Kura pūhou

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