VLBI measurements for frequency transfer

Author: Takiguchi, H; Koyama, Y; Ichikawa, R; Gotoh, T; Ishii, A; Hobiger, T; Hosokawa, M

Date: 2012-04-23

Publisher: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

Type: Journal article

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Auckland University of Technology


We carried out the intercomparison experiment between VLBI and GPS to show that VLBI can measure the correct time difference. We produced an artificial delay change by stretching the Coaxial Phase Shifter which was inserted in the path of the reference signal from Hydrogen maser to the Kashima 11m antenna. Concerning the artificial changes, VLBI and the nominal value of Coaxial Phase Shifter show good agreement, i. e. less than 10ps. Thus it is concluded that the geodetic VLBI technique can measure the time differences correctly.

Citation: ["IVS NICT-TDC News, vol.31pp.21 - 24"]

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