Theory U and team performance: presence, participation, and productivity

Author: Hays, Jay

Date: 2014

Publisher: IGI Global

Type: Unclassified

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This chapter applies Scharmer’s Theory U to team performance, productivity, and learning. Key topics covered include counterproductive thought patterns, or habits, and how they can be overcome; the complementary notions of collective presence and authenticity; and the critical contributions of shared reflection and dialogue to team learning and evolution. These and other elements of Scharmer’s Theory U enable extraordinary collaborative effort and confer team advantages in terms of innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability. Strategies presented for promoting team evolution help readers to see how Theory U might be put into practice in their respective organisations and communities.

Subjects: Scharmer, Claus Otto, (1961-), Scharmer’s Theory U, team performance, collaboration, productivity, authenticity, team leadership, 150310 Organisation and Management Theory, 130304 Educational Administration, Management and Leadership

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