Intraoperative physiology recorded for investigating methods of diagnosis by an expert system

Author: Harrison, Michael; Cumin, David

Date: 2015-04-29

Type: Dataset

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The University of Auckland Library


Data in this collection was originally collected, with local ethics committee and patient consent, at 0.1 Hz from the Datex-Ohmeda S5 anaesthetic monitor via a serial connection using an ‘in-house’ data-collection program (a modification of that A.Lowe, which is incorporated into EBMi software - The data collected were converted to text files. The EBMi software generates an assessment of the state of blood volume, whether there was sympathetic activity or a fall in cardiac output, amongst other indices and were stored separate files. This data was collected for the purpose of investigating methods of enhancing intra-operative diagnoses by an expert system ( An R script was used to merge and convert these files into the XML schema. With the exception of heart rate, pulse rate and respiratory rate all the values in the raw data are 100x the true values.

Citation: ["2015"]