A virtual laboratory environment for tertiary educational institutions

Author: Correia, E.; Watson, R.; Quintana, A.; Perera, M.

Date: 2012

Publisher: CPIT

Type: Journal article

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Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology


Computer laboratories at tertiary educational institutions need to be flexible and easy to manage, as they typically cater for a wide range of needs. This article describes how a particular virtual laboratory environment can be extended to include server-based virtualization. It explores some of the major technical challenges of implementing one particular hypervisor and associated management software, specifically to deploy a set of virtual machines that form part of a particular course, as this is one of the envisaged uses for this technology. It goes on to suggest a number of solutions and includes two scripts that can serve as templates for automating the creation and removal of sets of student virtual machines.

Citation: ["Correia, E., Watson, R., Quintana, A. & Perera, M. (2012). A virtual laboratory environment for tertiary educational institutions. International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking, 8(2), 18-40."]