Computer literacy: where are nurse educators on the continuum?

Author: Hanley, E.

Date: 2006

Publisher: CPIT

Type: Book item

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Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology


Computers are becoming ubiquitous in health and education, and it is expected that nurses from undergraduate nursing programmes are computer literate when they enter the workforce. Similarly nurse educators are expected to be computer literate to model the use of information technology in their workplace. They are expected to use email for communication and a range of computer applications for presentation of course materials and reports. Additionally as more courses are delivered in flexible mode educators require more comprehensive computing skills, including confidence and competence in a range of applications. A cohort of nurse educators from one tertiary institution was surveyed to assess their perceived computer literacy and how they attained this. A questionnaire that covered seven domains of computer literacy was used to assess this. The results were illuminating and identified specific training needs for this group. Their perceived lack of skill with Groupwise email and the student database program are of concern as these are essential tools for nurse educators at this polytechnic.

Citation: ["Hanley, E. (2006). Computer literacy: where are nurse educators on the continuum?. In H-A. Park, P. Murray & C. Delaney (Eds.). Consumer-Centered Computer-Supported Care for Healthy People (pp. 505-509). Washington, D.C.: IOS Press."]