Mixed Reality Experience Questionnaire (MREQ) -Reference

Author: Regenbrecht, Holger; Botella, Cristina; Baños, Rosa; Schubert, Thomas

Date: 2017-02-28

Publisher: University of Otago

Type: Working or discussion paper

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University of Otago


The Mixed Reality Experience Questionnaire (MREQ) is designed to be used as a measure of a user's sense of presence and their general experienced perception of an Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, or Augmented Virtuality environment. It consists of 33 seven-point-Likert-like items. Researchers might want to apply all or only some of those items. This Technical Report serves as a reference. Researchers who use this MREQ are asked to send their findings and/or publications to the first author and to cite this Technical Report.

Subjects: sense of presence, mixed reality, augmented reality, questionnaire

Citation: ["Regenbrecht, H., Botella, C., Baños, R., & Schubert, T. (2017). Mixed Reality Experience Questionnaire (MREQ) -Reference (Information Science Discussion Papers Series No. 2017/01). University of Otago. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/10523/7151"]