Bi-directional motion of a lorentz-force actuated needle-free injector (NFI)

Author: Hunter, IW; Taberner, Andrew; Hogan, NC

Date: 2015-09-08

Type: Patent

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The present invention relate to a method and corresponding apparatus for just in time mixing of a solid or powdered formulation and its subsequent delivery to a biological body. In some embodiments, a powdered formulation is maintained in a first chamber. A bi-directional electromagnetic actuator is in communication with the chamber. The actuator, when activated, generates a pressure within the first chamber. The pressure results in mixing of the powdered formulation and a diluent in time for delivering into the biological body.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: US9125990 B2 (USA). Application number: US 12/960,405. Patent/Trademark status: Granted. Publication/Application date: 03 Dec 2010. Publication/Awarded date: 08 Sep 2015"]