Overcurrent Protection Device and Method

Author: Lobo, JD; Ukil, Abhisek

Date: 2016-01-21

Type: Patent

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The University of Auckland Library


A power line protection system and method are described with a current meter for monitoring the current (i) in the protected power line (10) and a circuit breaker (13-1,13-2,13-3), with the current meter including a sensor (15), particularly a fiber optic current sensor (FOCS), for monitoring a direct current component (i(tr)) in the current (i) transmitted and an analyser (141,16) for testing the direct current component (i(tr)) and for generating a fault signal for the circuit breaker (13-, 13-2,13-3).

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: DE112014001200T5 (Germany). Application number: WO2014135680. Publication/Application date: 07 Mar 2014. Publication/Awarded date: 21 Jan 2016"]

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