Author: Mitchell, Tori

Date: 2020

Publisher: The University of Waikato

Type: Thesis

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University of Waikato


Bite is a collection of blunt confessional poetry draped in honesty, identity, and 21st century feminism, examined through lived experience with eating disorders, sexuality, trauma, disconnect from family and culture, love and loss, and what it means to be a girl growing up. The collection explores these raw concepts with vulnerability, through the eyes of ‘wolf girl’, in hopes that talking loudly about these topics will force the public to challenge the silence and stigma around them. This thesis was inspired by Maori Mythology, and all of the Polynesian poets who showed me how important it is for women of colour to share their stories and experiences. It was also influenced by feminist artists Jenny Holzer, Tracey Emin, and Barbara Kruger, whose art embodies the content of these poems in a literal way: freedom of expression, stripped bare and unflinching. The poetry in this collection is confronting, visceral, and filled with bite.

Subjects: poetry

Citation: ["Mitchell, T. (2020). Bite (Thesis, Master of Professional Writing (MPW)). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from"]

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