PUCM 2 Survey Results 2001-2002

Author: Day, Maxine; Backhurst, Michael

Date: 2002-06

Publisher: International Global Change Institute, University of Waikato

Type: Report

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University of Waikato


This Report contains the results from a survey of resource management consultants and resource consent applicants carried out during 2001-2002 to gain factual and attitudinal information about the plan implementation processes of respective councils. It drew on the experiences of 277 applicants and consultants representing a diversity of stakeholders, and provided a valuable check on the quality of processes and procedures of councils with respect to plan implementation and compliance.

Subjects: New Zealand, Resource Management Act, district plans

Citation: ["Day, M. & Backhurst, M. (2002). PUCM 2 Survey Results 2001-2002. PUCM Report. Hamilton, New Zealand: International Global Change Institute, University of Waikato."]