Chiral covalent organic frameworks: design, synthesis and property

Author: X Han; C Yuan; B Hou; Lujia Liu; H Li; Y Liu; Y Cui

Date: 2020

Type: Scholarly text, Journal article

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Victoria University of Wellington


Covalent organic frameworks (COFs) are constructed using reticular chemistry with the building blocks being connected via covalent bonds and have emerged as a new series of porous materials for multitudinous applications. Most COFs reported to date are achiral, and only a small fraction of COFs with chiral nature are reported. This review covers the recent advances in the field of chiral COFs (CCOFs), including their design principles and synthetic strategies, structural studies, and potential applications in asymmetric catalysis, enantioselective separation, and chiral recognition. Finally, we illustrate the remaining challenges and future opportunities in this field.

Subjects: Uncategorized, General Chemistry, Chemical Sciences

Copyright: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0