The Political Participation of Alevis: A Comparative Analysis of the Turkish Alevi Opening and the German Islam Conference

Author: Zekiye Arkilic; Ayse Ezgi Gurcan

Date: 2020

Type: Scholarly text, Journal article

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Victoria University of Wellington


This article focuses on the relationship between Alevis and the Turkish and German states. It does so by examining the Turkish Alevi Opening (2009–2010) and the German Islam Conference (2006–present), two unprecedented official platforms aimed at improving Alevis’ political participation. The study asks why such state-sponsored initiatives came into existence in Turkey and Germany, and why the German Islam Conference has proven more successful from the perspective of Alevis. It argues that even though the diffusion of EU norms and pressure from transnational advocacy networks have increased awareness regarding the Alevi issue, domestic factors have been more salient in the emergence and outcome of these initiatives in both countries.

Subjects: Uncategorized, Political Science & Public Administration, Political Science

Copyright: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0