The effect of women's magazines on women's body satisfaction

Author: Wilson, Jennifer Susan

Date: 1995

Publisher: University of Canterbury

Type: Theses / Dissertations

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A wide range of literature suggests that the thin ideal presented to women by the media adversely affects body satisfaction. However empirical evidence to support this claim is scant. The current experimental study investigated the effect of exposure to 20 magazine photographs of thin fashion models compared to 20 neutral photographs on body satisfaction. The results indicated that different wording of instructions can elicit different responses from subjects. Body satisfaction measures changed over time, and different patterns of responding were noted in women with disordered eating compared to those without eating disorders. Results were inconclusive regarding the effect of exposure to magazine photographs and raised questions about the adequacy of stimuli needed to examine the effect of media exposure and theĀ· need for more sophisticated techniques to measure fluctuations in body satisfaction comprehensively.

Subjects: Body image, Women's Periodicals, Feminine beauty (Aesthetics), Women--Press coverage

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