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  • Towards better estimation: Improving and supporting the estimation process in agile team environments

    Picard, Cade (2015)

    l thesis
    University of Canterbury Library

    Estimation occurs when a team of developers approximate how much of each resource (e.g. time, effort) an item (e.g. projects, stories and tasks) will take to complete to a specific standard. The success of a project depends on how accurately each item is estimated. The main deliverable of this project will be a system that supports and guides teams through each phase of the estimation process. To do this, we will research current practices, create distinctly identifiable phases in the estimation process, and design and implement a system that supports these phases. Following that we intended to conduct a small pilot study with teams from SENG302. We will analyse data collected by the process and feedback from the teams to gauge if our process improved the estimation process

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