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  • Matlab application for fitting progress curves to the Equilibrium Model

    Peterson, Michelle E.; McDowall, James; Goodhue, Nigel David; Bryan, Karin R.; Hailstone, Daniel; Monk, Colin R. (2010)

    University of Waikato

    The general procedures for carrying out the necessary rate determinations required for accurate determination of the Equilibrium Model parameters, and fitting this data to the mathematical model to generate the parameters, are described in "Peterson, M.E., Daniel, R.M., Danson, M.J. & Eisenthal, R. (2007) The dependence of enzyme activity on temperature: determination and validation of parameters. Biochemical Journal, 402, 331-337". It should be borne in mind that the Equilibrium Model equation contains exponentials of exponentials – quite small deviations from ideal behaviour, or a failure to obtain true Vmax values, may lead to difficulty in obtaining reliable Equilibrium Model parameters.

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