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  • Women's participation in education and training in New Zealand: is the 'learn while you earn' option accessible to all?

    Piercy, Gemma Louise; Murray, Nicky; Abernethy, Gloria (2006)

    Journal article
    University of Waikato

    Strong education and training systems are viewed as a route to increased labour market participation for groups that have traditionally been excluded from, or marginalised in, the labour market. Engagement in the labour force for such groups has both individual and societal benefits. However, while this emphasis on an increased role for the state in education and training is encouraging, commentators have questioned the ability of 'Third Way' discourse to meet the unique needs of women, given the absence of explicit feminist dialogue in wider discussions on associated policy and practice. Informed by this critique, this article aims to evaluate changes in education and training policy and practice in New Zealand since 1999, in terms of the extent to which it enhances opportunities for women's participation in education and training.

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