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  • Four-coordinate complexes of bis(1-diphenylphosphinoindenyl)iron(II)

    Adams, J.J.; Curnow, O.J.; Fern, G.M. (2006)

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    University of Canterbury Library

    Palladium, platinum and rhodium complexes of rac- and meso-bis(1-diphenylphosphinoindenyl)iron(II) (1) are reported. Both rac and meso isomers of {bis(1-diphenylphosphinoindenyl)iron(II)}palladium dichloride (rac- and meso-2) were characterized by X-ray crystallography along with the rac isomer of the Pt analogue (rac-3). NMR analysis of the rhodium complex [{bis(1-diphenylphosphinoindenyl)iron(II)}(cyclooctadiene)rhodium(I)] tetraphenylborate suggests a similar structure in solution. Coupling reactions of n- and sec-BuCl with bromobenzene in THF are catalysed by rac-2 and found to be similar to (PPh3)2PdCl2 but poorer than (dppf)PdCl2 in diethyl ether. Graphical abstract Rac and meso isomers of bis(1-diphenylphosphinoindenyl)iron(II) (1) were used to prepare four-coordinate Pd, Pt and Rh complexes. Some cross-coupling catalytic studies of the PdCl2 complex of rac-1 are described along with the structures of both rac and meso isomers of 2.

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