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  • Wisdom to act: the paedagogical and philosophical theory and practice for the education of practical theologians as commuunity leaders for social transformation

    Adams, Susan (2011-11-16)

    Doctoral thesis
    Auckland University of Technology

    This study engages retrospectively with three theological education projects in which the researcher participated over a 30 year time span. From these projects the study identifies markers in theological education that characterise practical theology as a process for equipping practical theologians to be leaders in social transformation. The research into these markers uses a qualitative methodology using a case study approach based on the three education projects. This approach enables each project to be described and considered in its historical context and to include the role of the researcher. These projects in theological education in Aotearoa-New Zealand have not previously been described or reviewed, nor has their contribution to theological education been considered. This study therefore contributes the story of these three projects, and seeks to identify educational markers from these theological programmes. These markers emerge from the case studies and from the reflected-on experience of the researcher, with the field of practical theology as a framework. In a contribution to the fields of practical theology and theological education, ‘integrative practical theology’ is presented as a way of conceptualising the theory and practice of theology, in which philosophical perspectives, pedagogical approaches and educational practices coalesce in developing ministry leaders for social transformation.

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