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  • Failure to detect measles virus ribonucleic acid in bone cells from patients with Paget's disease

    Matthews, Brya; Afzal, MA; Minor, PD; Bava, U; Callon, KE; Pitto, Rocco; Cundy, Timothy; Cornish, Jillian; Reid, Ian; Naot, Dorit (2008)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    Paget???s disease is a condition of focal accelerated bone turnover. Electron-microscopy investigations of osteoclasts from pagetic lesions have identified nuclear inclusion bodies that have a similar appearance to viral nucleocapsid particles. Subsequently, RNA from several paramyxoviruses has been detected in pagetic tissue, and it was suggested that these viruses, in particular measles, might play a role in the etiology of Paget???s disease. We have tested for measles virus sequences in osteoblasts and bone marrow cells collected from pagetic lesions and healthy bone.

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