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  • Sustainable Enterprise Modelling and Simulation in a Warehousing Context

    Tan, KS; Ahmed, MD; Sundaram, David (2010)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    Purpose ??? The paper seeks to propose the concept of sustainable enterprise simulation models. The social, environmental and economic models are developed and simulated using iThink in the context of a warehousing and distribution company. Design/methodology/approach ??? The paper has leveraged the systems dynamic paradigm to conduct sustainable enterprise modelling and iThinke system to implement the models. It uses the design science research methodology for the proof of concept of the models and modelling processes. The models have been developed for a logistics management company and tested in the business settings. These models were finalised through a number of revisions and iterations of the design, develop, simulate and test and evaluate. Findings ??? The paper addresses the interconnectivity between disparate sustainability dimensions for developing the models. The validity and usefulness of the sustainability models for the day-to-day decision making has been authenticated by the management of the warehousing organisation. Originality/value ??? The paper implements system dynamics concepts of sustainability modelling and produces models of various sustainability dimensions which are original in nature and evolution. While the domain in which sustainable enterprise modelling was carried out was warehousing, the concepts and principles that were explored, developed and validated is applicable across most enterprises.

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