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  • Mannose Binding Lectin A - deficient mice have abrogated antigen-specific IgM responses and increased susceptibility to a nematode infection.

    Carter, T; Sumiya, M; Reilly, K; Ahmed, R; Sobieszczuk, Peter; Summerfield, J; Lawrence, RA (2007)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    To investigate the role of mannose-binding lectin-A (MBL-A) in protection against infectious disease, MBL-A / -deficient mice were generated. Using a well-characterized mouse model of human filarial nematode infection, nematode survival and protective immune responses were tested in vivo. Blood-borne Brugia malayi microfilariae survived for significantly longer time periods in MBL-A / than in wild-type (WT) mice. However, no differences in either splenic cytokine responses or induction of leukocytes in the blood were observed. A profound abrogation of Ag-specific IgM levels was measured in B. malayi-infected MBL-A / mice, and some IgG isotypes were higher than those observed in WT animals. To establish whether there was a defect in Ab responses per se in MBL-A / mice or the effect was specific to filarial infection, we immunized these mice with OVA or a carbohydrate-free protein. Significantly, Ag-specific IgM responses were defective to both of these Ags, and Ag-specific IgG responses were largely unaffected. Furthermore, in naive mice, total IgM levels did not differ between MBL-A / and WT mice. This article describes the first demonstration that MBL-A may function independently of MBL-C and suggests that MBL-A, like other C-type lectins and members of the complement cascade, is intimately involved in the priming of the humoral Ab response.

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