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  • The destination image gap - visitors' and residents' perceptions of place: evidence from Waiheke Island, New Zealand

    Ryan, Chris; Aicken, Michelle (2010)

    Journal article
    University of Waikato

    This paper reports results derived from a survey of 2229 residents of, and 2151 visitors to the island of Waiheke, New Zealand. The study finds there was a close similarity of place image held by both visitors and residents. The paper examines the proposal that where congruency exists between visitor and resident image of place, there may be less negative perceptions of visitor impact on the part of residents. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected and analysed, the former involving the use of CatPac™, a neural network program for analysing textual data. Little support was found for the contention that place images shared by residents and tourists would increase tolerance of tourists on the part of residents.

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