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  • Primary options for acute care: General practitioners using their skills to manage "avoidable admission" patients in the community

    Aish, H.; Didsbury, P.; Cressey, P.; Grigor, J.; Gribben, B. (2003)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    An open access copy of this article is available and complies with the copyright holder/publisher conditions. Aim: To enrol 600 primary care "avoidable admission" patients in a programme that utilised general practitioners to manage those patients in the community. Methods: The Primary Options for Acute Care (POAC) programme ran from 26 February to 31 December 2001. Using networks already established, primary care teams were invited to manage patients using any resources they required, up to a cost of approximately $266 per patient. If needed, a Service Coordinator was available to arrange investigations, care, or treatment. Results: From 26 February to 31 December 2001, 707 patients were enrolled in POAC by 100 GPs. 104 patients (15%) were eventually admitted to hospital. An average of $200.73 per patient per episode was spent (not including administrative costs). A wide variety of patients and diseases were managed. Patients and general practitioners reported high levels of satisfaction with the programme. Conclusion: POAC demonstrated the ability and willingness of primary care providers to successfully manage patients who traditionally would be sent to hospital within a defined budget.

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