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  • Development of Low-Cost Ozone and Notrogen Dioxide Measurement Instruments Suitable For Use In An Air Quality Monitoring Network

    Williams, David; Salmond, Jennifer; Yung, Yu; Akaji, J; Wright, Bryon; Henshaw, G; Wells, B; Ding, G; Wagner, J; Laing, G (2009)

    Conference item
    The University of Auckland Library

    We demonstrate low-cost ozone and nitrogen dioxide measurement instruments suitable for use in an air quality monitoring network. The instruments are based on the gas response of tungstic oxide at elevated temperature. We have shown that with careful attention to detail, small, robust instruments can be made, with sensitivity for O3 and NO2 less than 10 part-per-billion (ppb), and which track reference analysers in the atmosphere to within 10ppb over periods of months, without recalibration.

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