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  • A transcriptional sketch of a primary human breast cancer by 454 deep sequencing.

    Guffanti, A; Iacono, M; Pelucchi, P; Kim, N; Sold??, G; Croft, LJ; Taft, RJ; Rizzi, E; Askarian Amiri, Effat; Bonnal, RJ; Callari, M; Mignone, F; Pesole, G; Bertalot, G; Bernardi, LR; Albertini, A; Lee, C; Mattick, JS; Zucchi, I; De Bellis, G (2009-04-20)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    The cancer transcriptome is difficult to explore due to the heterogeneity of quantitative and qualitative changes in gene expression linked to the disease status. An increasing number of "unconventional" transcripts, such as novel isoforms, non-coding RNAs, somatic gene fusions and deletions have been associated with the tumoral state. Massively parallel sequencing techniques provide a framework for exploring the transcriptional complexity inherent to cancer with a limited laboratory and financial effort. We developed a deep sequencing and bioinformatics analysis protocol to investigate the molecular composition of a breast cancer poly(A)+ transcriptome. This method utilizes a cDNA library normalization step to diminish the representation of highly expressed transcripts and biology-oriented bioinformatic analyses to facilitate detection of rare and novel transcripts.

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