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  • Post-Term Birth is Associated with Greater Risk of Obesity in Adolescent Males.

    Beltrand, J; Soboleva, TK; Shorten, PR; Behrensdorf Derraik, Jose; NRCGD, User; Albertsson-Wikland, K; Hochberg, Z; Cutfield, Wayne (2011-12-06)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesise that post-term birth (>42 weeks gestation) adversely affects longitudinal growth and weight gain throughout childhood. STUDY DESIGN: A total of 525 children (including 17 boys and 20 girls born post-term) were followed from birth to age 16 years. Weight and height were recorded prospectively throughout childhood, and respective velocities from birth to end of puberty were calculated using a mathematical model. RESULTS: At birth, post-term girls were slimmer than term girls (ponderal index, 27.7??2.6 kg/m(3) vs 26.3??2.8 kg/m(3); P<.05). BMI was higher in post-term boys at age 3 years, with the difference increasing thereafter. BMI and growth were similar in post-term and term girls. CONCLUSION: In this post-term birth cohort, boys, but not girls, demonstrated accelerated weight gain during childhood, leading to greater risk of obesity in adolescence.

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