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  • Synthesis and characterization of nickel(II) maltolate complexes containing ancillary bisphosphine ligands

    Alblawi, Jamal; Henderson, William; Nicholson, Brian K. (2011)

    Journal article
    University of Waikato

    Cationic nickel(II) complexes containing chelating O,O'-donor maltolate or ethyl maltolate ligands in conjunction with bidentate bisphosphine ligands Ph₂P(CH₂)nPPh₂ were prepared by a one-pot reaction starting from nickel(II) acetate, bisphosphine, maltol (or ethyl maltol), and trimethylamine, and isolated as their tetraphenylborate salts. An X-ray structure determination of [Ni(maltolate)(Ph₂PCH₂CH₂PPh₂)]BPh₄ shows that the maltolate ligand binds asymmetrically to the (slightly distorted) square-planar nickel(II) center. The simplicity of the synthetic method was extended to the synthesis of the known platinum(II) maltolate complex [Pt(maltolate)(PPh₃)₂]BPh₄ which was obtained in high purity.

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