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  • Summer Universities for Women in Computer Science

    Oechtering, Veronika; Alder, Simone; Jolk, Friederike; Klempien-Hinrichs, Renate; Sohle, Bettina; Oelinger, Maria; Kreuzeder, Alexandra; Stiftinger, Anna; Hinze, Annika (2004)

    Conference item
    University of Waikato

    A cross-university approach will be discussed that reflects moneducation, networking, and gender oriented organizational reforms in university programs. The concept was developed in Germany in 1997 as a national approach. Each year “Informatica Feminale” (www. Informatica-feminale.de) attracts more than 70 female lectures from universities, research, or industry to give courses on all topics of computer science oriented to the existing university curricula. Participants are female students as well as women interested in further education. The approach has won an European award for best practice. Since 2003 Austria provides a similar project called the “ditact-women’s IT summer studies” (www.ditact.ac.at). Another project will be located in New Zealand in 2005 as the “Computing Women Conference” (www/ cwc.org.nz).

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