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  • Evaluation and Development of Techniques to Map Macroalgae in the Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai.

    Alexander, D.J.; Hart, D.E.; Marsden, I.D. (2008)

    University of Canterbury Library

    Seasonal macroalgal blooms are a problem for bays and estuaries worldwide where nutrient runoff from human occupation and development occurs. Eutrophication in the Avon-Heathocte Estuary, Christchurch, has led to growth in two main macroalgae genera, Ulva and Gracilaria. The development of the ocean outfall provides an opportunity for a substantial macroalgae reduction in the estuary due to decreased nutrient inputs. A series of recommendations are given for further development of this improved methodology for macroalgae mapping. These recommendations are a direct result of trials in the field. Amongst these is the strong recommendation that macroalgal mapping commence no later than July 2008 in order to obtain data before the ocean outfall is operational.

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