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  • The Early Career of Marc Antony (Triumvir): A Historical Re-assessment of the Period 62-44 BC

    Alexander, Dean (2011)

    Masters thesis
    University of Otago

    This thesis examines the early life and political career of Marc Antony (Triumvir) from 62 to 44 BC. In contrast to the prevalent scholarship, which argues that he was a passive cipher, this thesis seeks to show that he was, in fact, politically adept and ambitious. Chapter One provides an overview of Antony’s ancestry, education and financial resources. It also explores such neglected questions as the year of his birth, his physical appearance, and whether or not he married Fadia, daughter of a freedman. Chapter Two traces Antony’s career from his first command as Prefect of the Horse (57 BC) to his important role in the last phases of the Gallic Wars (51 BC). It seeks to demonstrate that he pursued public office through conventional means, aided especially by his military precocity. Lastly, Chapter Three follows the trajectory of his career from his election to the Tribunate (50 BC) to the Consulship (44 BC). While he aided Caesar during this time, he operated with a high degree of independence and proved himself adaptable to a variety of roles. Ultimately, using his early career as its vehicle of investigation, this thesis seeks to provide a more nuanced assessment of Antony’s political capacity and character. Indeed, the Antony that emerges here actively promotes his political ambitions to his friends, writes diplomatic epistles with savoir-faire, funds public games, supervises the construction of the new Rostra, and uses his influence with the veterans to assist him at the polls.

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