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  • Finite Element Analysis of Slab and a Comparative Study with Others Analytical Solution

    Bari, M.W.; Rahman, M.M.; Ali, M.M.Y.; Awal, M.R. (2004)

    Conference Contributions - Published
    University of Canterbury Library

    Slabs are one of the most widely used structural elements. The function of slabs is to resist loads normal to their plane. In many structures, in addition to support transverse load, the slab also forms an integral portion of the structural frame to resist lateral load. Inspite of their widespread use, there has never been a universally accepted method of designing all slabs systems. The paper presents finite element analysis of slabs. The finite element method is chosen as this is more powerful and versatile compared to other numerical methods. A slab element is developed on the basis of conventional slab theory expressed in terms of rectangular co-ordinates and displacement. The element incorporates 20 degree of freedom, namely, normal displacement with its first derivatives along longitudinal and transverse direction respectively and two tangential displacements. A computer program is developed for solution of finite element equations as well as to check rigid body modes and to obtain the results. The results are compared with analytical solution and previously developed finite element solution with the help of a table.

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