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  • Solid state AC electroosmosis micro pump on a chip

    L’Hostis, F.; Green, N.G.; Morgan, H.; Alkaisi, M. (2006)

    Conference Contributions - Published
    University of Canterbury Library

    Lab-On-a-Chip (LOC) or Micro Total Analysis System (µTAS) technology requires precise control of minute amounts of liquid. Moving liquids in small capillaries requires bulky expensive external pumps that defy the purpose of microfabrication. By integrating a micropump into the device, it allows the system to be transportable, reliable, energy efficient and inexpensive. This system encompasses a solid-state AC electroosmotic pump for the manipulation of liquid containing cells or molecules. This paper reports extensively on the investigation of the pumping ability of the solid state array with KCl solution. Fluorescent beads of 500 nm where used as tracer to monitor the fluid velocity. Two different array geometries were investigated as well as different material for the electrodes. Dielectorphoretic trapping of nanoparticles and cells was achieved. This paper will discuss the inherent problem of an AC electroosmosis driven micropump for lab on chip applications as well as the fluid flow yield in both directions and magnitude in correlation with electric field intensity and frequency.

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