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  • Generation of Micro-Droplets for the Study of Droplet Coalescence and Self-propulsion

    Nock, V.; Sellier, M.; Alkaisi, M.M, Verdier, C. (2011)

    Conference Contributions - Other
    University of Canterbury Library

    Microfluidic devices play an ever increasing role in nano- and biotechnologies. An example of the recent breakthrough allowed by such technologies is the Lab-on-a- Chip (LOC), which enables orders of magnitude downsizing of assay equipment. An emerging area of research in this technology-driven field is digital microfluidics based upon the micromanipulation of discrete droplets. Microfluidic processing is performed on unit-sized packets of fluid which are transported, stored, mixed, reacted, or analysed in a discrete manner. Possible applications include on-chip assays, polymerase chain reaction, or DNA sequencing.

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