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  • Compositions and Methods for Regulating Plant Gene Expression

    Espley,, RV; Hellens,, RP; Allan,, AC; Chagn??,, D (2008)

    The University of Auckland Library

    The invention provides a method for producing a chimeric promoter polynucleotide capable of controlling transcription of an operably linked polynucleotide in a plant cell or plant, wherein the method comprises combining: a) at least one sequence motif comprising a sequence with at least 70% identity to SEQ ID NO:1, 11 or 12, and b) another polynucleotide sequence. The invention also provides chimeric promoters polynucleotides comprising the sequences defined in a) and b). The invention also provides constructs, vectors, host cells, plant cells and plants comprising the chimeric promoter polynucleotides of the invention. The invention also provided methods for modifying gene expression and phenotype of plant cells and plants by transforming the plant cells and plants with the chimeric promoter polynucleotides of the invention.

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