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  • Waiata, Pese, Song: A Synthesis of Cultural Perspectives on the Value of Song for Language Learning

    Trinick, Robyn; Sauni, L; Allen, E (2010)

    Conference item
    The University of Auckland Library

    With the introduction of the New Zealand government???s National Standards and increasing demands on teachers to provide evidence of student achievement, singing tends to be viewed as entertainment in the primary classroom. This paper discusses the power of song to provide meaningful and engaging contexts for language learning and explores innovative ways of enabling learners to make connections through visual, aural and kinaesthetic responses to song. Written from the perspectives of three tertiary educators from different ethnic backgrounds - Samoan, M??ori and New Zealand European, this paper examines connections between song and language learning, supported by findings from a range of writers and researchers. While cultural contexts may differ, the writers identify key elements and principles of the use of song as a powerful and innovative learning tool that breaks down barriers and enables learners to connect to language with fluency and confidence.

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