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  • Self-esteem and Autonomic Physiology: Parallels Between Self-Esteem and Cardiac Vagal Tone as Buffers of Threat

    Martens, A.; Greenberg, J.; Allen, J.J.B. (2008)

    Journal Articles
    University of Canterbury Library

    In this paper we suggest a potential physiological connection to self-esteem: cardiac vagal tone, the degree of influence on the heart by the vagus, a primary nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system. This hypothesis emerges from parallels between the two literatures that suggest both self-esteem and cardiac vagal tone function to provide protection from threat responding. We review these literatures and in addition review evidence and preliminary findings that suggest in some contexts self-esteem and cardiac vagal tone may exert an influence on each other. Lastly, we discuss theoretical and applied health implications of this potential physiological connection to self-esteem.

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