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  • Seismic Performance of Moment Resisting Frame Members Produced from Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

    Allington, Christopher James (2003)

    Doctoral thesis
    University of Canterbury Library

    A total of 47 lightweight aggregate concrete columns were constructed from four different types of lightweight aggregate and provided with different quantities of transverse reinforcement. The specimens were tested under a monotonically increasing level of compressive axial load. The rate of load application was varied from pseudo-static to the rate of dynamic loading expected during a major seismic excitation. The results from the experimental testing of the column members were used to derive a theoretical stress-strain model to predict the behaviour of lightweight aggregate concrete members under imposed loads. The stress-strain model was derived to predict the response of both lightweight aggregate and conventional weight concretes with compressive strengths up to and including 100 MPa. The model was calibrate against the experimental results obtained in this study and previously tested lightweight aggregate and conventional weight concrete columns. A series of pseudo-cyclic moment-curvature analyse were undertaking using the derived stress-strain model, to predict the behaviour of the lightweight aggregate concrete members when subjected to axial load and flexure. The results were compared to the confinement requirements in the potential plastic hinge regions of column elements required by the New Zealand Concrete Structures Standard, NZS3101: 1995. It was determined that the confinement requirements of NZS3101: 1995 were could be used to accurately determine the required quantity of transverse reinforcement for lightweight aggregate concrete members with a concrete density greater than 1700 kg/m3. A total of four lightweight aggregate concrete beam column subassemblies were constructed and tested under reversed cyclic lateral loading. The results from the specimen indicate that cyclic behaviour of the lightweight aggregate concrete was similar to conventional weight concrete. However the bond capacity between the longitudinal reinforcement and the surrounding concrete was weaker than previously tested conventional weight concrete members.

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