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  • Memory Algorithims for Short-Term Adaptation of Cerebral Haemodynamics

    Alzaidi, S.; Moorhead, K.T.; David, T.; Chase, J.G. (2004)

    Conference Contributions - Other
    University of Canterbury Library

    The cerebral mass is supplied by the Circle of Willis (COW), Figure 1 (a), [1], which distributes incoming oxygen rich blood from the internal carotid and basilar arteries. If the COW is incomplete, stroke-like symptoms can result if there is any shortage in blood supply. Blood flow through the COW is determined principally by auto-regulation, a process maintaining homeostasis by altering the peripheral resistance as to provide a constant supply of oxygenated blood irrespective of pressure variations [2]. A model of the auto-regulation response for normal and incomplete COW is implemented.

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