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  • Process mapping software: vendor business benefit claims

    Amath, Tuan Buharie (2009-04-27T04:46:33Z)

    Masters thesis
    Auckland University of Technology

    More and more organisations in their efforts to gain efficiencies and obtain higher profits turn towards Business Process Improvement (BPI) techniques. Many utilise specialised process mapping software in their quality management efforts. Most often the benefits achieved by using the software are not visible to the business. Hence it is difficult to determine the success or the failure of the BPI efforts. The objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness of process mapping software and to investigate the contributing factors towards its success or failure. The implementation of the software, existing quality framework, expectations of the users, organisational culture and organisational acceptance will be investigated. Data will be collected using an online questionnaire. The survey results will be analysed using quantitative structural-equation-modelling techniques.

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