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  • Soil-transmitted helminth infection, skin infection, anaemia, and growth retardation in schoolchildren of Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Thomas, M.; Woodfield, G.; Moses, C.; Amos, G. (2005)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    An open access copy of this article is available and complies with the copyright holder/publisher conditions. Aim: To estimate the prevalence of hookworm, ascaris, and trichuris infection; as well as anaemia, growth retardation, scabies, and impetigo; in schoolchildren of Taveuni Island, Fiji. Methods: Schoolchildren from five villages on Taveuni Island were examined and had their haemoglobin concentration measured on a finger-prick blood sample. In addition, they had a faecal sample examined for the presence of helminth ova. Results: 258 children aged 5-15 years were surveyed. The overall prevalence of infection was: hookworm 14%, ascaris 33%, trichuris 17%, scabies 32%, and impetigo 2%. Eight percent of children were anaemic, while 8% and 6% of children were on or below the third centile for weight and height respectively. Conclusions: The relatively low overall prevalence of hookworm infection and of anaemia suggests that regular anthelminthic treatment of schoolchildren would only provide modest health benefits. Further study is needed to identify the reasons why Taveuni Island schoolchildren weigh less than expected for their age.

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