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  • Part 1: The solubility of krypton in water-methanol mixtures and derived thermodynamic properties; Part 2 : Attempted measurements of rates of solution of gases

    Beckwith, A. J. (1949)

    Masters thesis
    University of Canterbury Library

    This work on the solubility of krypton in water-methanol mixtures was done to continue the series of rare gases begun by Law. This series is part of a wider plan to determine the effect of methanol in breaking down the water structure in the water methanol mixtures and to examine the possibility of preferential orientation of either solvent species in the neighbourhood of solute molecules. Preferential orientation of the more polar molecules round an ion would be expected for an ionic solution process, but the solution of uncharged rare molecules, which are isoeleotronic with the corresponding alkali-metal cations, should be free from such electrostatic effects. The complementary purpose is to provide a compilation of solubility data and their derived thermodynamic properties for the rare gases in water-methanol mixtures.

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