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  • The Southern Ocean and the Patagonian Toothfish

    Little, Lorna (2009)

    Postgraduate Certificate thesis
    University of Canterbury Library

    Extensive fishing industry is occurring in the area of the world known as the Southern Ocean (Kock et al., 2006). One of the main targets of this industry is Dissostichus eleginoides, commonly known as the Patagonian toothfish, or Chilean Sea Bass. Toothfish can commonly be found in the Southern Ocean and around Antarctica (Laptikhovsky et al., 2006). Toothfish are fished commercially for use in the food industry and it is known as a delicacy in some countries. It is a profitable market, as it is extremely viable with toothfish reaching high prices on legal and illegal markets (Lugten, 1997). Illegal fishing above, and beyond the established quota has led to this fish species becoming quite prominent due to sustainability issues and the regulation of fishing in the Southern Ocean (Vidas, 2000).

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