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  • Softening and the cell wall enzymes of strawberry fruit

    Patchett, B. J.

    Lincoln University

    The softening of fruit during ripening is one of the tangible aspects of the increase in metabolic activity that occurs with the onset of ripening. The collapse of the cell walls of fruit during the after-ripening period is probably the most important factor which leads to the decline in quality of harvested fruit. Strawberries can only be held for a short time, under normal conditions, before a decline occurs in quality and therefore consumer appeal. The collapse of cell walls is generally attributed to the solubilization and hydrolysis of the pectin fraction of the cell wall under the influence of the pectic enzymes. The work described in this dissertation is an attempt to measure the relative importance of the enzymes responsible for softening during the ripening and after ripening phase of strawberry fruit.

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