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  • Attitudes Towards Healthcare Robots in a Retirement Village

    Broadbent, Elizabeth; Tamagawa, R; Patience, A; Knock, B; Kerse, Ngaire; Day, Karen; MacDonald, Bruce (2012)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    Aim:??? This study investigated the attitudes and preferences of staff, residents and relatives of residents in a retirement village towards a health-care robot. Methods:??? Focus groups were conducted with residents, managers and caregivers, and questionnaires were collected from 32 residents, 30 staff and 27 relatives of residents. Results:??? The most popular robot tasks were detection of falls and calling for help, lifting, and monitoring location. Robot functionality was more important than appearance. Concerns included the loss of jobs and personal care, while perceived benefits included allowing staff to spend quality time with residents, and helping residents with self-care. Residents showed a more positive attitude towards robots than both staff and relatives. Conclusions:??? These results provide an initial guide for the tasks and appearance appropriate for a robot to provide assistance in aged care facilities and highlight concerns.

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