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  • Commerce Review: 1869–1969 Centennial of the University of Otago


    University of Otago

    The Otago Commerce Students' Association is pleased to present this magazine, The " COMMERCE REVIEW," in the Centennial Year of the University of Otago, as a record of the development and progress since its inception in 1912, of the Faculty of Commerce. It is perhaps important as a precedent for there is to date, no similar documentation… FROM THE PRESIDENT This magazine, the brainchild of the 1968 Association Committee, is published this year as our contribution to the University Centennial celebrations. Depending upon popular demand, an annual publication may be produced in the future, as a year-book of light-hearted vein… THE FACULTY OF COMMERCE —A History and A Tribute By R. A. Sinclair History is marked in moments, and for the sake of indulgent readers, I have accorded emphasis on significant periods rather than providing yearly surveys of all the happenings. For those omissions, some inadvertent, some of necessity, I express my regrets. There are three parts: the foundations, the middle years, and the boom period in which we find ourselves now… THE STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION By R. A. Strang and E. S. Edgar Founding to World War II The Otago University Commerce Faculty Students' Association was founded shortly after classes in commercial subjects began at the University in 1912. The first president was Mr Owen Wilkinson and the students were immediately involved in the sporting and other affairs of the University… EDUCATION FOR ACCOUNTANCY By 5. A. Valentine, B.Com., F.C.A. The Commerce Faculty at the University of Otago has played an important role in accountancy education in New Zealand. In Dunedin, a higher proportion of students entering the accountancy profession attend University and complete a Commerce Degree than in any other city in the country. The main reason for this situation is that the accountancy courses and teaching at the University have developed to meet the changing requirements of this modern age… THE CENTENNIAL OPEN LECTURE-JULY 24, 1969 MR S. J. R. CHATTEN THE ROLE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW ZEALAND By S. J. R. Chatten, F.I.A., A.C.I.I. (London) Many of the large financial institutions in N.Z. are celebrating their centenaries at about this time and it seems appropriate to address a gathering of commerce students at a lecture to mark the Centenary of the University of Otago, on the role of the financial institutions in the development of New Zealand… THE COMMERCE COURSE-RETROSPECT AND PROSPECT By T. K. Cowan, M.Com., F.C.A. The Commerce Faculty owes its beginnings to the initiative and vigour of some Otago men such as Mr Peter Barr who played a leading role in the sound establishment of the New Zealand Society of Accountants. Until quite recently, its main role was to provide education in professional subjects for those desiring admission to the accountancy profession. It did this very economically indeed through evening and early morning classes taught by part-time staff drawn from the accountancy and legal professions. The final examinations set by the University of New Zealand were really professional examinations set and marked by practising accountants and lawyers. Some 80-90% of the students were interested in attaining admission to the New Zealand Society of Accountants rather than in completing a degree in Commerce… GALLERY THE DEANS… SOME PROMINENT LECTURERS…

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