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  • ...a tent, pitched in the wilderness

    Jenkinson, Megan

    Creative work
    The University of Auckland Library

    ???A tent, pitched in the wilderness???, shown at prominent Sydney gallery Stills, features deserts, architecture and artifacts photographed in Egypt and European museums in late 2011. Inspired by Antarctica, this work identifies a visual and experiential correspondence between the deserts of hot and cold regions, yet acknowledges major differences in the impact of civilization: ???Jenkinson???s photographs of / deserts [contain] phantom remains of past civilizations and intimations of possible futures???, Sydney Morning Herald. In highlighting the continuing relevance of the past, this work stands in contra-distinction to the current tendency to give primacy to the new and ever-present, e.g. the recent Egyptian uprising is shown as part of an historical continuum of conflict rather than an insolated incident, a point astutely unraveled by S. Rosenblum in the interview she conducted for East Sydney Radio.

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